Does Java Have A Future?


Lots of nice thoughts.. let me add mine. Yes JAVA is here to stay for a long time.

  1. Oracle, one of the leaders in technology owns and controls the developments of Java. It is a lifeline for Oracle and many other companies. It won’t let it go.
  2. There is also some debate on Oracle not doing enough to update Java.. they are giving away/open source JavaEE to Eclipse Foundation. We will now see more developments as an entire java community will start working on the improvements.
  3. There are thousands of passionate Java developers (like me :)), we don’t want to see our favorite programming language just go away. Github has about 3.5 Million repositories on Java
  4. Many, many frameworks, applications, API’s are built on top of Java. And more are developed every day. Java is very strong on this area.
  5. Companies spend millions on developing and upgrading software applications. They may get interested on something that may have come new but they don’t change their apps like that. It takes years, lots of POC’s (proof-of-concepts), again lots of money, teams, leadership to develop something new and/or upgrade. So companies who already have apps developed on Java won’t move as fast as technology moves.
  6. Java is still an extremely well-established language, used by millions of developers and billions of devices worldwide. Also all Android apps are based on Java, and 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java as a server-side language for backend development.

I’m not saying Java is the best or error-free, it has it’s own deficiencies but it’s improving. There are several other very well written programming languages, API’s, stacks in the market, creating a healthy competition for everyone to learn from each other and improve.

Yes, Java does have a lot of future.

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