How-to Install FFMPEG, GhostScript and Imagemagick on AEM Server

This article details the steps involved to install FFMPEG (required to generate thumbnails for Videos); GhostScript and ImageMagick (required to generate thumbnails and renditions...




How to use Java Path Interface

Java 8 has a Path interface which comes very handy when we need to parse through a file or some path of an entity...

AEM Querybuilder – Sample Queries

This articles details some examples to query nodes and content on AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) nodes using querybuilder. Return only folders at a given path type=nt:base path=/content/dam/we-retail/en property=jcr:primaryType property.1_value=sling:OrderedFolder property.2_value=sling:Folder path.flat=true p.hits=selective URL...


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Configuring AEM as a Service on CentOS

Configuring AEM as a Service on CentOS

This article details how to setup AEM as a service on CentOS/Linux Step-by-step guide Prerequisites: You will need root access Download these 2 files Filename: aem #!/bin/bash # # /etc/rc.d/init.d/aem6 # # #...
Word Cloud of Shatanau Narayen’s Keynote at Adobe Summit 2018 — Suren Konathala

Text of Shantanu Narayen’s Keynote At Adobe Summit 2018

Videos are always a great way to convey a message and it’s more exciting if the speaker shows passion in his talk and engages...

How-to Install and Start AEM As A Linux Service (CentOS and Ubuntu)

This post details on how-to setup AEM as a Service on Linux. Used CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 17.04 as an example. Github project: Pre-requisites AEM Installed...


How-to Create Search Predicates For Assets On AEM 6.2, 6.3, 6.4

This can be used to extend the default search capabilities of assets on AEM Author. Step-by-step guide Create a namespace, if you do not already...

Does Java Have A Future?

What is Machine Learning?