How-to Create New Namespace For Custom Metadata


This article describes how to create a custom namespace that can be used to define custom metadata on assets

Step-by-step guide

  1. Add a custom metadata filed on the “Metadata Schema” [ Tools > Assets > Metadata Schemas > default > image ..can be anywhere]
  2. Open this url. http://localhost:4502/crx/explorer/index.jsp > Node Tye Administration > Namespaces > Add >Enter a name for the namespace (i used “Custom Namespsace”) >
    Enter the Prefix (i used “cxm”). We have used “cxm” as namespace in Step 1 above.

  3. Apply > Close windows.
  4. Open any image asset (we have edited only the “image” type metadata in Step 1). So if we opne any image, we can see the newly added custom metadata field (Custom Field 1);
    And enter some data > Save and Close
  5. We can verify how the data saved in the repository for that image, under the “metadata” node.