Working with AEM for .NET developers


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a Java based and the code we build (components, backend) is a combination of Java(majority), Javascript and HTML.

And like any other web applications, we build components in similar way (maybe a few differences) and with the exception of Java being used for backend code.

For .NET developers, if they are working with C#, then some of syntax will be familiar.

A quick summary for a .NET web application developer (not including learning the AEM platform):

  • Assuming they should have knowledge on:
    • HTML, CSS
    • Javascript, JQuery, Ajax
    • RESTful architecture, Creating and consuming REST services
    • Using Github/VCS, IDE’s, project builds, deploy, Test driven development..
  • Learning curve:
    • Java core programming language concepts
    • Thorough in Java Servlets
    • Using Maven builds
    • Processing JSON, Using Java Annotations, 3d party libraries like Apache Commons, several others etc.
    • AEM Specific:
      • Using HTL
      • Apache Sling Framework
  • Learning the AEM platform